Bastet’s Pixelventures: Autumn

I had a phone call this morning from Governor Christie’s (For those who don’t know, he’s the governor of New Jersey) campaign office.  They wanted to thank me for my service as a volunteer firefighter.

They asked for me by name.  We’ve had the same phone number since 2007.  Those two things make me believe they weren’t looking for someone else.

It’s just so weird.  I cannot figure out why they would think I’m a volunteer firefighter.  I wish I would’ve asked, but I was so caught off guard.  All I said was, “thank you.”  Ha!

Just…. What?


In other news, I’ve decided to participate in Bastet’s Pixelventures over at WDBWP again this week.  I know I promised some real content, such as Alaska and Camping posts, but this is better than nothing, right?  You all enjoy looking at photos, right?

Well, I like sharing them.  So, you’ll just have to deal with it.

This week’s prompt is Autumn.  Bastet wants to know what autumn looks like where I’m from (or where you’re from if you want to participate, too!).  Right now, in Jersey, autumn looks like late summer.  The flowers are still blooming.  The trees are still green.  The sun still rises before 7am.  Soon, though, the trees will start to change color and it will be time for pumpkin picking and Halloween decorating.

My favorite part of the season is definitely the leaves changing.  I love fall colors, and it’s just so mesmerizing to see them en masse in nature.  I took this photo last year in mid-October.  Gah, I always forget how much I love Jersey in October!

Autumn Trees

How can you NOT think this is beautiful?

So… what does autumn look like where you live?  What’s your favorite part of autumn?  Do you secretly hate this season?  I want to know!



About pamasaurus

"I have learned to keep to myself how exceptional I am." ~Mason Cooley I'm a married stay at home mom living in Southern New Jersey. I have one daughter, one son, and three furbabies. I love to cook. I love to craft. I love to sew. I just.... love to create in general. I also am pretty fond of adventuring, of exploring new places. I'm shy when I first meet people, but once I'm comfortable with them, you can't shut me up. I'm crazy and silly. I have an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs.
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20 Responses to Bastet’s Pixelventures: Autumn

  1. That picture is exquisite! My favorite part of fall is my birthday! Then, football, colors, cool crisp weather, planning for the holidays!

  2. Carine says:

    What a beautiful picture.
    I was told the leaves turn from green to… dead directly here in Texas (was told by a proud Texan, so no Texas bashing) :-/ I think I’m going to miss the pretty colors of the East Coast.

  3. says:

    Yes the photo is great but I admire you for being a dedicated firefighter ! Really.♥

    • pamasaurus says:


      I can’t tell if you thought I am really a firefighter or are being sarcastic. I’m not, and that’s why the call was so confusing and perplexing 😀

  4. Bastet says:

    AH! Now that is a lovely autumn scene and everything there I love…great colors!

  5. modernoracle says:

    Beeeyoootiful! I love Autumn! How do you like WDBWP? How cool is that bunch?

  6. msdulce says:

    Ha! That story made me laugh! Perhaps they’ll send you a nice certificate or plaque to hang on your wall in honor of your service. 😉 Autumn is the my absolute favorite season! I’m secretly bummed that I’m not getting a real, crisp air, crunchy leaf Autumn here in CA… something about ordering an *iced* pumpkin spice latte feels less than satisfying.

    • pamasaurus says:

      Haha, I was perplexed and amused. I’d adore a plaque, and I’d hang it in my house with pride!

      I’ll be sure to post lots of autumn pictures as soon as the leaves start changing for real! I would definitely miss autumn if I ever moved south.

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  8. Juliet says:

    What a beautiful picture!! I’d love to see autumn in the Northeast. :0)

    • pamasaurus says:

      Thanks! I guess I’m spoiled. I never realized that other parts of the country didn’t have autumn like we do.

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