Abandoned Playground

I had posts planned for the next few days, but they all involve having time to upload/sort/edit photos.  Yeah.  That didn’t happen today.  In fact, I barely have time to type this post!  I guess I’m not sleeping much tonight.  Oops.

Instead of a post about the Easter Baskets I made for the main kids in my life, you are about to read a post about one of my favorite places to explore.

In the town just north of mine, there is an amazing park called Washington Lake Park.  This park has everything a park should have, and I’m never bored when visiting.  One time, Megan and I decided to explore the hiking trails.  We wondered upon an abandoned playground.  There was a creepy guy that we passed a few minutes before but somehow ended up behind us.  This meant we were extra creeped out and didn’t stay long.

I did a few quick Google searches but have not been able to find any real information on this playground.  This meant I had to go back to explore some more.  I brought Daniel with me this time!

Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be an abandoned swimming area, complete with concession stands and bathrooms.

Washington Lake Park


Washington Lake Park


The swimming area was a small lake, which is now flooded.  There were docks and such half sank and picnic tables completely submerged.  The lake was beautiful, though!

With my husband by my side and no creepy men following me, I found the courage to explore the inside of the concession stand.  It looks like it hasn’t been abandoned for too long.  Yes, things were broken and vandalized, but they were not deteriorating.

We also explored the surrounding area, where we found a few other interesting buildings.  First was an abandoned cabin that was filled with what looked like children’s science projects.

Washington Lake Park


Then, we stumbled across what looked like a soccer net graveyard.  I do not have a photo of this, but it was weird.  There was more soccer net skeletons in another area.  They were surrounded by abandoned trailers.

Washington Lake Park


Do you see that open trailer?  Guess what it was filled with!

Go on.. guess.

Washington Lake Park


Did you guess antique, wooden buggies and stuff?  No?  Don’t worry, I would have never guessed that, either.

It’s definitely a weird area, and I’m surprised I can’t find more information on it.  I wonder if it’s an old summer camp or something.  I’m sure some older residents would know the story.  Please feel free to share any information you have!  I’m a South Jersey Newby.

Washington Lake Park

I often go back to this area to just sit by the lake.  It’s quiet, eerie, and an awesome place to think.  Last time I was there, I met the skinniest, tannest woman I have ever seen.  She was laying out (because she needed more sun?!), eating a bag of carrot sticks, and asking me if I knew what happened to the lake.



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"I have learned to keep to myself how exceptional I am." ~Mason Cooley I'm a married stay at home mom living in Southern New Jersey. I have one daughter, one son, and three furbabies. I love to cook. I love to craft. I love to sew. I just.... love to create in general. I also am pretty fond of adventuring, of exploring new places. I'm shy when I first meet people, but once I'm comfortable with them, you can't shut me up. I'm crazy and silly. I have an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs.
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10 Responses to Abandoned Playground

  1. Hmmmmmmm…………Those are some great pictures but you should be very careful by yourself or with Trinity and without the hubs. It looks like maybe the city or county uses it as a dumping ground for old sports equipment. That thing in the metal container looks more (to me) like one of those antique fire trucks that were pulled by horses – it’s a very valuable item so I’m surprised it’s sitting there with the door swinging. But still – LOVE the pictures!

    • pamasaurus says:

      I usually do have someone with me because I get creeped out really easily 😉 Plus, I don’t like exploring alone! It’s always better with a friend!

      Ah! It does look like an antique fire truck. I wonder why it’s left open like that. It’s an interesting place… I wonder why I can’t ever find information about it!


  2. Helena says:

    I tried searching (because this really interested me to find out wth this was) and I found a lady with pictures (https://plus.google.com/s/sandy%20tomeo) of the place, but nothing further. It’s going to bug me now lol

    • pamasaurus says:

      Apparently it used to be a swimming/family fun area. It closed due to lack of funding and has just been left as is since. Interesting!

  3. msdulce says:

    Ha! I wonder if the tanned lady had a bit of hypercarotenosis from eating too many carrots. As improbable as it sounds, you can actually turn a bit orange (well… yellow & jaundiced-looking) from eating excessive amounts of foods with beta-carotenes- like carrots! Maybe she should lay off the carrots. And use sunscreen. 😉

    • msdulce says:

      Sorry- I know that was not the point of your post. The abandoned playground looked creepy & cool, too. :}

    • pamasaurus says:

      It could be! I’ve seen photos of people that were orange from that!! I think there was an ER episode waaaaay long ago that featured an orange patient. I’m totally going to have to look that up later.

      Her orange rivaled the Tan Mom’s orange!

      I’m not sure if the Tan Mom made news outside my overly tanned state, but she was arrested for letting her young child use a tanning bed. She looks pretty scary:


      • msdulce says:

        Ohmygosh, that is TOTALLY what I first thought… that maybe it was crazy tan mom! That’s so funny. Why the NJ obsession with coloring yourself burnt sienna? 🙂

      • pamasaurus says:

        I’m not sure, but it’s ridiculous. I am *really* fair skinned and burn so easily. I’ve never seen the inside of a tanning bed. I feel out of place a lot.

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