Thank You

I just want to say that I have some of the best friends ever.  You guys seriously rock.

After my post yesterday, I was shocked by the number of people that reached out to me, the number of people who have been in similar situations.  I’m amazed that so many doctors continue to get away with treating so many of us like this.  It makes me so sad.  I’m sorry you guys all had to deal with asshole doctors, too.

I’m also amazed at the number of people who have reached out to tell me about their Depo horror stories.  I don’t understand how this drug is still on the market.  It’s scary what it does to some women.


So, thank you guys for making me feel like I’m not alone, like I’m not crazy and picky about my doctors.

Also, thank you for not giving me weight loss advice.  This means more to me than I’ll ever be able to articulate.

Tuesday afternoon I found a four leaf clover.  I thought it meant I’d have good luck for my appointment yesterday morning.

Four Leaf Clover

I failed to take a photo with my actual camera. So, you get a crappy Instagram version.

That obviously didn’t happen, but now I’m kind of thinking it meant something different.  If my appointment would have went smoothly, I wouldn’t be writing this post.  I wouldn’t have realized that so many people have been treated so badly by so many doctors.  I wouldn’t know that I’m not the only one to have awful reactions to the Depo shot.

So, maybe things worked out the way they were supposed to.



Just to let you guys know, the office manager never returned my call.  I tried to find her email address on the web page.  (FYI, It’s a group of affiliated doctors with a bunch of different locations.)  So, I emailed everyone on the board of directors.  I basically copied and pasted my last post, but I did edit a few things for length.

A bit overboard?  Maybe.  It makes me feel better, though.


I’ve decided to cover all my bases for my next appointment.  I’m going to print a week of Fitbit reports, as well as a week of CalorieCount logs.  That way he can see exactly how active I am and how much/what I’m eating.  I’m also going to take the lab results the asshole doctor gave me, along with my original list of symptoms.  Can you think of anything else that would help?


Oh!  Also!!  I have until the first week of November to bring my cholesterol down.  That’s when I’ll need to get my labs redone for Daniel’s work/insurance/whatever.  My bad cholesterol is 17 points too high, and my good cholesterol is 20 points too low.  I already eat my daily recommended amount of fiber, take fish oil pills, get plenty of exercise, watch my fat (especially saturated fat) consumption, and eat olive oil and other healthy fats.

What else can I do?  Can I take twice the recommended amount of fish oil?  I might try to eat more fiber by eating a serving of Honey Nut Cheerios every day.  I hear having one alcoholic beverage a day can help raise good cholesterol, so maybe I should do that.

I don’t know.  I need suggestions, please.


Thanks again for being the awesome people that you are.



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"I have learned to keep to myself how exceptional I am." ~Mason Cooley I'm a married stay at home mom living in Southern New Jersey. I have one daughter, one son, and three furbabies. I love to cook. I love to craft. I love to sew. I just.... love to create in general. I also am pretty fond of adventuring, of exploring new places. I'm shy when I first meet people, but once I'm comfortable with them, you can't shut me up. I'm crazy and silly. I have an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs.
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6 Responses to Thank You

  1. Well you know, it’s because we all really do care about you and your well-being! You can become close with anyone if you open your heart – most people say you can’t actually get to know someone on the Internet. Hmmmm…..really? In WWII it was done with pen and paper with generally the man in a foreign country and the young woman in the U.S. writing a GI JO. He came home, they got married, and stayed that way for 60 years until they died. Yep, you can become friends of any age and any socio-economic/educational background if you just open your heart and we’ve all done that with you! You are loved at home and abroad! 🙂 hahahaha! I just made myself laugh!

    • pamasaurus says:

      ❤ I totally believe that you can really know someone on the internet. I've met some of my very best friends this way.

      Just, thank you for being awesome ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Jennifer M. says:

    I’m late getting to this party (darn work), but I want to say that I think you’re very brave for shining a light on this problem. And yes, receiving quality healthcare is definitely problem in our country. You shouldn’t have to defend yourself for how you are feeling, and you definitely shouldn’t be treated like a child by those in the medical profession. As I’ve said before, only you know your body – doctors should respect that knowledge and work with you to find a solution. I can’t believe you are being treated this way, and yet, I can believe it. When will doctors learn that it’s not “all in our heads”? Is this the 21st century or the 19th century? Ugh!
    Sorry for my rant. I sincerely hope that you find some answers soon. You deserve only the best!!!

    • pamasaurus says:

      Thank you! It sickens me how so many people are treated like this and continue to let it happen. So many people think this is normal and acceptable.

  3. If a glass of wine helps, IMAGINE how much good a BOTTLE would do!

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