Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

I’m exhausted again.  It’s 5:30, and I feel like it’s 2am.  This needs to end now, please.

Actually, today it’s probably extra bad because I ate crap all day.  AA came over, and, of course, we ate junk.  It was a good day, though, so I don’t really care too much.  I’m allowed to be crazy once in awhile.

Anyway, I ate some cookies for breakfast, some delicious cookies made with Candy Corn M&Ms.  Yum.  I baked them last night.

Amanda got here soon after I finished my coffee, and we just sat at my kitchen table talking for the longest time.  I swear, I never laugh more than when she’s here.  I can’t even remember half the stuff we were cracking up about, and I can’t share the other half.

We grabbed some coffee at Wawa and headed to find some lunch.  We ended up at Nifty Fifty’s, where we ate WAAAAY too much food.  Seriously.  We both had a crazy hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese and chili along with cheese fries.  Hers were bacon and ranch fries, and mine were philly cheesesteak fries.  Both were delicious, but we ended up bringing the majority of them back here for Daniel to finish off.

I died laughing, though, when Amanda asked me if her fries would come with cheese.  Umm.. I don’t know, but I bet they’re called ‘bacon ranch cheese fries’ for a reason.

On the way home, I fishtailed a bit around a turn.  It had been raining pretty badly, and I kinda drive fast.  Luckily, I know how to handle that situation.  AA said, ‘I feel like we’re badasses, like we’re in a Jason Statham movie or something.’  I definitely did not feel that way, but I couldn’t stop laughing.  That just got worse when she tried to tell me she felt like we were in The Fast and The Furious, and said, ‘The Fast and the Furriest’ instead.

The rest of the day consisted of us just talking and laughing.  I seriously needed a day like today.  I’ve been so stressed out, and this was perfect.  We were laughing so hard at one point that Daniel came downstairs to tell us we were scaring the cats.  Poor kitties.

So, now I’m going to make a semi healthy dinner, have a frozen sangria, and try to stop thinking about how I think I can feel how badly my thyroid is swollen.  It felt good to forget about everything today.

(Two side effects of Hypothyroidism are loss or deepening of voice and swollen thyroid…. When I talked to Daniel about how my voice has been scratchy and something is swollen in my neck, he assured me that it’s probably not from my thyroid.  I’m probably just getting sick.  Awesome.)


Because this post is already all over the place and probably makes no sense, I’m going to say this:  I hate all the new iPhone 5 commercials with a passion.  Seriously.  I’ve ranted about this everywhere on the internet already.  So, I figured I’d let you all know as well.  When the one about ears comes on, I want to punch the marketing department in the face. The last commercial to make me this angry was the yogurt commercial where the lady picks a yogurt over her fancy coffee at a coffee shop.  As a coffee drinker, I know how unrealistic that is.



Wow, I don’t know what the point of this entry was.  This is what it’s like in my brain, though.  So, welcome to my world.


About pamasaurus

"I have learned to keep to myself how exceptional I am." ~Mason Cooley I'm a married stay at home mom living in Southern New Jersey. I have one daughter, one son, and three furbabies. I love to cook. I love to craft. I love to sew. I just.... love to create in general. I also am pretty fond of adventuring, of exploring new places. I'm shy when I first meet people, but once I'm comfortable with them, you can't shut me up. I'm crazy and silly. I have an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs.
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6 Responses to Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

  1. sounds like you had a really fun day! We have places here like Nifty Fifties. I’m not sure if Wawa is slang or the real name of a place but since I don’t drink coffee, I don’t know. Diet Dr. Pepper is my addiction. Some days, you just need to eat lots of junk food – makes us all feel better! 🙂

    • pamasaurus says:

      Wawa is the real name of a gas station/fast food place… kinda like an upscale 7-11, if you have those there. They have THE BEST coffee around. I used to go there almost every day, but Daniel cut me off. Now he buys me Wawa ground coffee and creamer so I can make it at home 😉 I still like to stop there once and awhile.

      • Yep, we have 7-11 here. I understand about buying your coffee. I really prefer Diet Dr. Pepper from a fountain – it just tastes so much better! 🙂

      • pamasaurus says:

        I definitely agree with you there. Well, I’m not a fan of DP, but when I was a Mountain Dew Addict (I gave up soda, and now it makes me sick), I thought it tasted 100 times better from the fountain than a bottle. Even canned was better than bottled, haha.

  2. TheLittleGSP says:

    Oh yes, Wawa definitely has the best coffee! And it’s always fresh (and available in a multitude of flavors) no matter what time it is. 🙂

    By the way, ” /rant ” made me laugh! As a dedicated mac lover and iPhone user, I am not quite to the ranting point on the iPhone commercials, but I agree that they are pretty ridiculous in a not-so-good way. How about the one that compares the size of the screen to the travel of your thumb joint? “Coincidence? Or Genius…?” ahh!

    • pamasaurus says:

      Wawa coffee is amazing. Hazelnut is my favorite!

      I’m a pc/android user… but I like to believe the commercials would annoy me if I had an iPhone. The thumb one is ridiculous because they spent so much time insisting that the old size was perfect for the same reason. Now all the sudden it has to be bigger. Plus, I have small thumbs; Smaller than the hand model in that commercial. One size does not fit everyone’s thumb.

      The ‘how can something get bigger while getting smaller, Physics is just general guidelines’ one annoys me as a HUGE math based science fan. I just feel like Jeff Daniels is trying to insult my intelligence in that one :/

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