Doctors and Running, Oh My!

I guess I owe you guys an update.  I’ve been antisocial again.  I’m just processing everything that happened at my new doctor on Friday.  I find the whole medical profession so frustrating.  I mean, it’s hard to know something is wrong and have no one take you seriously.  I don’t know.

Without putting my medical issues all over the interwebs, I’ll just say that I have 75% of the symptoms of a progesterone deficiency.  That’s what I believe I have.  It’s making weight loss harder than it should be; it’s making my relationship with my husband difficult; it’s making my anxiety and depression do crazy things; it’s just ruining my life.

I tried to get it all sorted out two-ish years ago.  I have mentioned this appointment and all the fail that it entailed before.

So, I finally found the strength to get over my doctor-phobia and make this appointment, and I don’t know what to think.  She didn’t totally brush me off, but I don’t know.

I’ll start from the beginning…

First, the front desk people had all sorts of issues figuring out my insurance.  They were on the phone with the insurance company for 40 minutes.  Umm… I’ve never ever ever had issues like this in the 5+ years I’ve had this insurance.  I’ve been to doctors, hospitals, therapists, pharmacies, everything.  It’s never been an issues.

Then, the nurse was clueless.  They had put my name in the computer as ‘Pamlea,’ and she went in to fix it.  Yeah, I ended up having to type my name in.  How hard is it to spell ‘Pamela’???  It definitely reminded me of that scene from Step Brothers.  Hilarious.

She was really nice, but ugh.  I don’t think she realized how stupid and rude she sounded.  We were talking about everything from my anxiety to my lack of weight loss.  I had a list of stuff that took up a whole sheet of paper, front and back.  She was asking standard questions about what types of foods I ate, what exercise I do, all that fun stuff.

She definitely told me that the whole reason I can’t lose weight is because I drink regular soda once every few months.  Yeah.  She’s like ‘if you switch to diet, the weight will just melt off.’  RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT, because I’m fat due to drinking 8-12oz of soda ever 2-3 months, if that.

Then, she told me to do weight watchers (which I’ve kinda tried, but without actually joining), because everyone loses weight on weight watchers.  There’s no other way to do it.

So, no one in history has ever lost weight while drinking an occasional soda and doing weight watchers.  Hahahahahaha.  Bitch.

I was near tears by time she left; it really felt like last time when no one wanted to listen to me.

Thankfully, though, the doctor did agree that I needed some tests.  She ordered like 5 things that I have to go get blood taken for on Monday.  There are a few standard tests and two thyroid function tests.  As far as I can google, none of them measure hormone levels.

So, she agrees something is wrong, but didn’t order the test for the thing I think it is.  I guess we’ll see what happens with all these other tests and go from there.  It might be included in one of the standard blood panels.  Can’t they tell if you’re pregnant from those? So, hormones should be on them.  I don’t know.  I’m holding out to see.

So, I’ll go Monday morning to have blood drawn, then I’ll have to make an appointment in two weeks to see what the results say.  She did say, ‘we’ll do these tests and go from there.’  So, hopefully that means that she really does believe me and will order more tests if need be.  If not, I’m going to have no issue finding another doctor.  I’m sick of this shit.  Really.

Sorry I’m being a potty mouth.  I usually swear like a sailor, but I try to keep my blogs semi-clean.  I give up because I’m so over this situation.  I’ll try harder next time.


I wanted to keep everyone updated about my running progress.  I’m doing a 5k to 10k program that is 6 weeks long.  I think I’m going to try to do one posts a week.  That way my writing doesn’t become running-centric again.

So, week 1 was good.  All three runs this week were 8 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking, repeated 5 times, if that makes sense…

Before I type out my times, I’m going to let you guys know that I’m a slow runner.  I’m short.  I have disproportionately shorter legs.  I have a tight stride (although I am working on opening it up).  I’m slow.  Here’s my run data though:

Week 1 Day 1

Week 1 Day 2

Week 1 Day 3

So, as you can see, I improved with each run.  I’m pretty happy with that!  I shaved 47 seconds of my average pace.  Not too bad.

I’ll start week 2 either tomorrow or Monday.  This one will be a bit more difficult, but nothing too bad.  It’s 12 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking, repeated 4 times.

My c25k program was measured in distance after the first two weeks.  I’m really hoping that this one switches, too.  I like to work on distance rather than time since I’m so slow.


So, that’s all I have.  This has been a lot of rambling, and hopefully everyone made it through without being too bored.

How is everyone’s weekend going?


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14 Responses to Doctors and Running, Oh My!

  1. Nice work on the run!! I don’t think I can walk fast these days! 🙂 Okay, No – Hormone levels are not on a regular blood panel and neither is a pregnancy – I could explain but you would fall asleep – very boring stuff. How old are you? I’m not a doctor but I do have 2 college degrees in healthcare AND I have worked in labs and hospitals for the greater part of my life and it honestly sounds like you know what you are talking about. The symptoms you describe seem peri-menopausal to me and yes, there is a specific test for that – my girlfriend had it. Here, it’s $50 even if you don’t have insurance. Sometimes women (even if their physician is a woman) must act like an ass to get the test run that you want. I was misdiagnosed with 3 different doctors before the 4th doctor just did what I asked and when he did, duh – I was right all along! So – have the bloodwork done and if it all comes back normal, call the dr., and ask for her nurse and then ask her what you have to do to get the dr. to request the test you want – if she says “nothing” then go to someone else. Remember, you are paying them for a service – they cannot withhold something you want unless it would do you harm. That’s it. Always remember that – now, I’m off my soapbox and going back to continue watching OU get it’s butt kicked by Kansas State! Good grief………….hubs is yelling and cussing, must be bad! xoxooxo

    • pamasaurus says:


      I didn’t think so, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for letting me know!! The tests that I’m having done are (in the short hand that they’re typed in… I googled to find what they stood for, but you probably already know): BMP, T4 Total, TSH, UA w/ micro, CBC with Diff, Lipid Panel.

      As far as I can tell, they’re just standard things and then the two thyroid function tests. Hopefully one of these find something. I know I would be wrong, but it would get it out of the way faster… but I’m definitely going to force her to test the hormones if these come back clean.

      I’m only 29, so I shouldn’t have issues… a lot of my symptoms line up with thyroid issues, but they mostly went away/calmed down when I was on the depo shot. That’s the main reason I’m leaning towards a progesterone issue…

      Ugh, doctors can be such a pain! Thanks for all the support and explaining!!

      • Oh honey, you are welcome. Anything I can do to help. Yes, they are totally normal tests – blood count, liver function, sugar in the blood, fat in the blood etc…. The thing that is so hard for everyone to understand who isn’t in healthcare is that tests are really meant to tell you what it is NOT, it’s called ruling out this or that or whatever. I hope it’s one of those things too! Maybe it’s a sugar problem – @ 29 it would be Juvenile, it would be adult onset and you could change your diet, pop a pill and you will be fine! Maybe you need a thyroid pill… could be anything just don’t let them bully you, you pay them for an educated estimate of what is wrong with you – the same as you would pay a plumber to tell you why you have a leak and then fix it.

  2. tracye1 says:

    UGH! So sorry about your appointment but let me say this, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Seriously, do the research and figure out which tests you want, thyroid, testosterone level, etc, etc. you are the patient and when you specifically ask for something, if the doctor doesn’t respond and it winds up you WERE right…it’s a problem. We see it all day everyday. Your doctor is overwhelmed with patients and sometimes you just have to be a strong B! YOU are your best advocate. Great work on the running, keep it up!!

    • pamasaurus says:

      I told the doctor that I was pretty sure I had a progesterone deficiency… she nodded and said that she was ordering tests. I figured that a test for that would be on there, but nope. I learned a lesson… always ask to double check! Thanks for your suggestions, and I’m definitely going to put my food down if these tests come back clear!

      Thanks! I figure if I can’t lose weight, at least I can get my fitness level up there 😉

  3. My hat, were I wearing one, would be off to you. First for running. I don’t run unless the aliens are attacking, you know? Second for dealing with the medical system. I’ve been on both sides of medical care, and understand the frustrations on both sides. Have you ever seen anyone holistic? Like a naturopath, TCM doctor / herbalist, or homeopath? My instinct is herbalist (either western or traditional chinese) could be the most helpful for this. They work from the whole picture…how you function and FEEL, not just lab tests. In other words, systems, function and mind-body connection trumps blood tests, whether you get them or not. If you work with a good holistic pro to get to the root cause of what is going on, it might just be a matter of a little chasteberry or black cohash supplements or something…assuming all the mainstream stuff is otherwise pretty clear. But in any case, I hope you get it all sorted out, are feeling better, and ATTAGIRL running!

    • pamasaurus says:

      Thanks!! It’s something I thought I would hate, but I’ve ended up loving it… or at least loving the ‘runner’s high’ haha 😉

      I have not been to anyone holistic, although I’ll definitely think about it.

      I was taking a low dosage of chasteberry earlier this year. I ordered some after some research, but only took half the recommended dose after reading the side effects and such; I always get the most awful side effects, especially with hormonal crap, haha. It was working somewhat and is probably the only reason I was able to lose a whopping 10lbs so far this year. I stopped taking them when I decided I was going to go to the doctor again, that way they didn’t mess up my labs. I’ll probably start them back up after all the testing. I just want it confirmed, ya know? I want to know that my progesterone is really low… or that it isn’t. That way I can start trying to figure out what else it is/what I’m doing wrong and stop blaming my issues on it… if that makes sense.

      I’ll also have to look into black cohash. Thanks for the suggestion! And, thanks for all the support!

  4. Jennifer M. says:

    Omg, doctors can be so frustrating! I understand that they go to school for a long time to do what they do, but they don’t seem to trust the patient’s instincts. Believe me, I know more about my body than they do! And to recommend drinking diet soda – don’t get me started 😉 I hope that this first round of tests will find your solution – you deserve to feel better. And major kudos for sticking to your running routine – you rock!!!

    • pamasaurus says:

      Ugh. They really are a pain, aren’t they? That’s exactly how I feel: I know my body better than anyone. I know that something is different, and I know what the differences are. Don’t ignore what I’ve said because you don’t want me to be right! Sometimes I really think they don’t like the patient to be right, so they do everything to prove otherwise.

      I know! Diet soda is the worst for you. I wasn’t impressed.

      Thanks ❤

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  6. Lauren says:

    Man, seems like doctors really don’t want to listen…it got my hackles up to see what the doctor said about the soda intake. That’s like telling a person that they are an alcoholic because they have a drink every month or so. Eeesh. Good luck with the tests…I hope you get everything figured out so you can start feeling better soon!

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