Maine Trip: Part 2

So, last post I finished with Sunday, I think.  So, this post is about the excitement that was Monday.  It was actually a really busy, but amazing, day.

We had plans to meet up with a friend of ours, Mark, down towards Portland.  So, we headed out pretty early so we could make a few stops first.

I believe I mentioned the plethora of lakes in the area of Maine Daniel’s parents live.  I made Daniel stop so I could get this picture.  The morning light was amazing; the lake was so still.  I could’ve stayed there forever.

Parker Pond

I believe this lake was called Parker Pond.

We made a stop in Thomaston at the Maine State Prison Store.  It’s something that Daniel had wanted to do.  He was there with his Grandfather years ago, and remembered it being really awesome.

The Prison Store is pretty amazing.  I’m mad I forgot to take my camera in, but it’s basically a store that sells stuff that is handmade by inmates at the state prison.  I know it sounds weird, but the quality is pretty amazing!

I did some googling and found this blog post about it.  Go look.  You’ll want to go there, too!  The prices are really reasonable, if not cheap!  I picked up a really pretty, decorative, wooden bowl, which I have yet to photograph.  We also got some miniature boats for some children in my life.

We left from there to meet Mark, only making a few pit stops for photos, haha.  We decided we would have a picnic and spend the afternoon exploring Fort Williams Park, home of the most photographed lighthouse in North America: The Portland Head Light.

So, naturally, I had to photograph it from every angle.

Portland Head LightPortland Head LightMark and Pam

It’s also the lighthouse that Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow used for inspiration.  So, it’s a pretty famous place!

We didn’t go inside, but we did climb all over the rocks next to it!

Rocky Coast

It was a really nice afternoon, and I left with a sunburn!  Oh well.  Fun has it’s price.

We had planed on stopping by the Desert Of Maine since it was ten minutes away. Sadly, it started storming. So, we skipped that.  There’s always next time.

Instead we did some shopping, exploring, and eating in Augusta.  We stopped for Dinner at Riverfront BBQ.  I had pulled pork on jalapeno cornbread with onion rings.  It was amazing.  Daniel had the same, except with fries.  Trinity had macaroni and cheese, which was so, so good.  We were pleased with our dinner choice!

After dinner, we headed back to Daniel’s parent’s and had a pretty low key evening.  We played some card games and just talked.  Nothing too exciting, but it was nice.

So, that wraps up Monday!  I forgot to mention last time, but there’s no way I could possibly post all of my photos on this blog without annoying everyone.  So, if you’re curious, I made a Photobucket Album.  I didn’t caption them, so if you’re confused about anything, feel free to ask.  Everything should be self explanatory once I finish all my posts.


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9 Responses to Maine Trip: Part 2

  1. TheLittleGSP says:

    Beautiful photos! I love that perfect blue sky!

  2. These are gorgeous!
    I am a little (so) jealous. 😀 I love photographing beautiful places!

  3. tracye1 says:

    Awesome pictures! Such lovely landscape and the sky is a beautiful backdrop for the lighthouse!

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  5. Lovely to see your photos too. We are really enjoying our road trip! 🙂

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