Adventure Time – Fairmount Park Edition

So, it’s been a busy blogging day for me, with the recipe posting and menu plan posting. I figured it was time to post something not food related.

I have a TON of stuff to get done this week.  I’m really good at procrastinating.  That’s really what I’m doing here, but I thought you would like to hear about my recent adventure.

Sunday, my family and I met up with Megan and her family for some hiking fun at Fairmount Park, although I thought the name was Wissahickon Park. I’m totally confused by it, but whatever.

This is going to be very image heavy, but I’m sure you don’t mind.

Basically, this park is crazy huge and has easter eggs scattered throughout. We decided we wanted to find the Indian Statue. We had no map, just whatever information we could find via google. Seriously, the only directions we could find were “Fifty yards up Rex Avenue is a path which goes to the Indian Statue, via a switchback up a hillside.” Yeah. So, we knew a general location, but the leaves were too dense to spot it from the main path.

On our way to Rex Avenue (which is really a trail, not a road), we passed Philadelphia’s first public drinking fountain.  Pretty interesting stuff!  Too bad it’s contaminated now, so they closed it up.

First Drinking Fountain

We picked the first trail we came across.  It looked like maybe it lead someplace important, what with its crazy stairs and archway!

Hiking Stairs

After walking for a looooong time, we ran into another hiker.  He confirmed that we were on the wrong trail.  Great.  So, back we went.

We picked the next trail we came across, and were soon rewarded with a sign!

Indian Sign

Finally, we found it!  Too bad it faces outward, so we could only see its back!

Indian Statue

It was commissioned and carved in 1902!

Indian Statue Inscription

I stood at the very edge of that rock to get this next photo.  I was shaking because I was about two inches from falling to my death.  I’m usually not afraid of heights, but eep!  At least the photo was worth it!

Indian Statue

It still wasn’t good enough for me, though.  We then climbed down this treacherous path.  This is the best picture of its face I could get.  Boo!

Indian Statue

Then, my wonderful, daredevil husband climbed this huge rock (which, by the way totally looked like a t-rex head from from the first path we took.  I was amused) to get me the most epic photo of the Indian Statue ever!

Daniel Climbing Rock


Indian Statue



So, with our mission out of the way, we headed back to the parking area to grab our lunches.  We were pretty hungry after all that hiking!

We finished our lunches just in time, because it started to rain!  We said our goodbyes and headed out.  Well, we stopped to look at the posted map for a minute and realized they sold them at the snack bar!  Score.

We waited out the rain at Ikea.  With the map in hand, we headed back out around 4:30.  According to said map, there are 21 points of interest in the park.  We had seen two of them in the first visit, the statue and Valley Green Inn, a restaurant right by the parking area.

We managed to check out five more before we left.

First was Shakespeare Rock.  Some guy carved this quote from “Two Gentlemen of Verona”  back in 1934.

Shakespeare Rock

Right next to Shakespeare Rock is Devil’s Pool.  They’re so close that the map listed them as one point of interest.  Anyway, Devil’s Pool is a reaaaaally deep area carved out by a waterfall.  It has a lot of stories associated with it.  It apparently has ‘limitless depth’ and ‘always runs clear.’  Even if those aren’t true, it is really pretty!

Apparently it’s an awesome place to swim, although the park has ‘no swimming’ signs posted in several places.  It might be worth the risk.

Devil's Pool

 My photo does not do it justice!  It was so breathtakingly beautiful!

Next, we came across the Livezey House and Mill Ruins.  The house is so pretty, and is in amazing condition considering parts of it date from 1683.

Livezey House

 I couldn’t get a good photo of the mill ruins, which serve as a retaining wall.  It was in a really overgrown area.  I didn’t feel like wading through waist high brush.  Sorry.  It was apparently once one of the largest buildings in the colonies, though!

Number five was Climbers Rock.  It wasn’t really anything special; just a huge rock.  Apparently climbers use its ‘short but interesting face’ to practice climbing.

That’s the hubster.  He’s 6’1″, just for size comparison.

Climber's Rock

The next point of interest was the scariest for me.  I haaaaaate walking on open grate anything.  I will go out of my way to avoid drainage grates.  I just hate it.  So, walking over this crazy Fingerspan thing was not my favorite part.

Interesting fact: they built this with a helicopter in 1987.



This photo doesn’t do it justice, but we were REALLY high up.  REALLY high.


It was about 6:30 by this point, so we crossed the creek at the next bridge and took the main trail home.  This trail, called Forbidden Drive, was actually once a road… waaaaay back in the day.  Apparently you haven’t been able to drive cars on it since the 30s, though.  It’s pretty easy, just a gravel path.

It was along this path that we came across our final point of interest for the day.  It’s called ‘Cave’ and is apparently an entrance for a mine shaft.

I think it looks more like a root cellar.  Jecca said she thought it looked like a jail.  I can see that, too.  It seems pretty fancy for a mine shaft, in my opinion.  Of course, I’ve never seen a mine shaft before.

The Cave

I peeked inside and didn’t see anything of interest.  Just a wet, concrete floor.  It reminds me of places were nightmares are born.  I did not enjoy being close to this thing, at all.  Creeeepy.

I’ve never been so happy to see my craptastic car before!  I was sore and soooo ready to be home.  Here’s a photo of me, after hours and hours of hiking!

Tired Me

We arrived back in Jersey around 8pm.  Considering we left around 9:30 that morning, it was a loooooong day.

No wonder I was so sore!  According to the Fitbit, I hiked up enough hills/climbed enough crazy stairs to equal 53 flights of stairs.

I took today as a rest day.  There was no way I was running 3 miles or lifting weights today.  I huuuuurt.

It was totally worth it, though!  I cannot wait to go back to check out the other 14 points of interest!


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3 Responses to Adventure Time – Fairmount Park Edition

  1. TheLittleGSP says:

    What an amazing post… I absolutely loved reading about your adventures in the Wissahickon! Great photos and description of eat of the points of interest that you visited on your very long hike. I especially liked the sequence of shots as you got closer to getting a photo of the face of the Indian.

    I’m from the western Philly suburbs and Matt, Bailey and I went hiking “in the Wissahickon” (we call it that for some reason?) a few years ago. We didn’t have the points of interest map but I remember seeing Valley Greene Inn, Shakespeare’s Rock, Devil’s Pool and the Fingerspan. We had to cross the Fingerspan while carrying Bailey so that was exciting…

    Thanks for the great post! 🙂

    • pamasaurus says:

      Thank you!

      I can’t figure out how to pronounce Wissahickon; I’m assuming phonetically? I haven’t attempted to say it out loud yet. Fairmount is so much easier!

      Sounds like you had quite the adventure there as well! It’s a really awesome place!

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