Menu Plan Monday #90

Oh man, I feel like an idiot today.  I’ve mentioned my issue with eggs, right?  I’ll mention it again just in case.  This baby does not like them, and I get really, really sick every time I eat them.

Well, the hubster took me out for breakfast today.  What did I order?  French toast.  It wasn’t until I started feeling like death that I realized it’s nothing more than bread soaked in eggs.  That means I’ve spent the majority of the day laying down trying not to die.

So, that’s why this post is happening so late in the day.  Sometimes I’m not the brightest.  Ugh.  It just makes it so much worse knowing that I did this to myself and it was easily avoidable.

Oh well.  In other news, I had my 32 week growth ultrasound today.  They said everything looks good, and he’s measuring right on track at an estimated 4lbs 2oz.  Not too shabby.  He wasn’t cooperating, so we didn’t get any good pictures to share.  We got some nice views of the back of his head, though!

What else?  The floor project is basically completed.  Now we’re just waiting for the finish to harden.  That means I can have my kitchen back in a week.  I cannot wait to have my house back to normal!  It’s starting to drive me a little crazy.  I don’t do well with a lot of clutter for long periods of time.

Also, we (meaning Daniel) got our garden planted this weekend.  I’m excited!

Yeah… that’s where I’ve been the past week.  I’m so slack with updating again.  Sorry!  What’s been going on in your lives?  Did I miss anything important?

I’ll shut up and post my menu plan!  I should warn you that we’re all apparently craving cheese this week.  Nothing wrong with that, though, right?

  1. Vegetarian Cheesy Rice
  2. Chili Dog Casserole
  3. Sloppy Joes with Mac and Cheese
  4. Meatloaf with Cheesy Vegetables
  5. Chicken and Dumplings
  6. Chicken Thighs with Potatoes
  7. Hamburger Helper

For more menu planning ideas, check out The Vampire Diet.  Also, I post yummy recipes over at Om Nomalicious.

What’s on your menu this week?


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Menu Plan Monday #89

Before I get to my menu plan for this week, I have a few quick updates.  I haven’t been around much, and I use this blog as a way to keep people up to date on the happenings in Casa de la Pam and Dan.  You can totally skip this all if you’re only here for the food.

Megan and I had a baby party this weekend, and fun times were hopefully had by all.  First, Baby G is going to be the most spoiled little boy ever because I have some pretty amazing people in my life.  Sometimes ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate.  Looks like G’s future best friend is going to be pretty spoiled, too!  She’ll take after her big sister, Charlie.

Spike is improving quickly with his medication.  I never realized he was actually this ill from Lyme’s.  I thought he was just getting old.  I feel like we have an energetic puppy again!

The hardwood floors are finished!  I’m pretty happy with the end result; we just clear coated them instead of staining.  I like the variegation in the board colors.  Tomorrow we’ll be allowed to walk on them.  Next Monday we can move my furniture out of my kitchen, ha.  Daniel did an amazing job, and I’m pretty lucky to have a guy that knows how to do this stuff because I certainly do not!

…and, one last thing, Osteopaths are amazing.  I’ve had this horrible SPD and hip pain in my left hip practically this whole pregnancy.  The hip pain is similar to the pain I would end up with if I ran on pavement.  Apparently my hips were out of alignment by over an inch for all this time.  I saw an Osteopath on Friday, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  With one half hour session, my hip feels 90% better.  It’s still a little sore because the muscles are still adapting to the new alignment, but yay!  Hopefully this means I’ll be able to get back into running after G’s arrival.  I miss it.  I just can’t explain how much of a relief it is to be semi pain free for the first time in forever!

So, that’s the news from my corner of the world.  Here’s my menu plan.

  1. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup
  2. Italian Seasoned Pork, Green Beans, and Potatoes
  3. Chicken and Rice
  4. Chicken Enchilada Pasta
  5. Sloppy Joes with Green Beans
  6. Chicken Tacos
  7. Smothered Chicken Casserole

For more menu planning ideas, check out The Vampire Diet.  Also, I post yummy recipes over at Om Nomalicious.

What’s on your menu this week?


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Phone Pics of Awesome March 2014 Edition

How is it April?  I need time to slow down a little.  It’s going too fast for me.  I have so much I need to do over the next two months, and it’s getting harder and harder for me to accomplish anything!  Anyone want to come over and help refinish the floors and paint the hallway and stairwell??  Please?  No?  Ok.  We’ll figure it out.

March was a pretty crazy month.  I picked a few of my favorite photos from the month, and managed to keep all photos of snow out of the mix.  I need to forget we had so much snow during the month of March.  Spring is hopefully here for real, and I don’t want to look back!

If you’re interested in seeing my other photos from this month, check out and follow me on Instagram, @pamasaurus.


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Menu Plan Monday #88

Oh wow.  I completely fell off the face of the planet for the past week, apparently.  It was a busy week, filled with 3 hour glucose tests, washing and organizing baby stuff, moving the whole house around so we can refinish the hardwood (which is going to happen over the next two weeks!), and everyday life.

Yeah, I know.  It’s not a good excuse for neglecting you all.  Sorry.  I won’t make empty promises to be better, though.  The floor project, spring cleaning, and nesting will probably keep me pretty busy for a while.  I only have 10 more weeks to get this all done.  That’s basically no time at all.  I’m going to blink, and it will be over.  Yikes!

I’ll stop now before I have a complete anxiety attack.  Here’s my menu plan for this week:

  1. Cheesy Vegetarian Rice
  2. Maple Dijon Chicken with Crock Pot Bacon Cheddar Potatoes
  3. Chicken Enchiladas
  4. Italian Pork, Potatoes, and Green Beans
  5. Adobo Chicken with Rice
  6. Cheeseburger Mac Attack
  7. Sausage Tortellini Soup

For more menu planning ideas, check out The Vampire Diet.  Also, I post yummy recipes over at Om Nomalicious.

What are you having for dinner this week?


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Menu Plan Monday #87

So, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and/or exciting?  I took a weekend trip to Central Pa, which is where I grew up.  My cousin Nicole and Sister-In-Law Becca had a surprise baby shower for me and Baby G.  It was pretty amazing, and they did a great job!  It was dinosaur themed (of course), and they had ever detail to a T.  I almost cried, but managed to hold it together until we left, ha!  So, thanks, girls!  You two rock!

And, thanks to everyone else to made the weekend amazing.  You guys are all awesome, and I appreciate each and every one of you.


Today wasn’t so great.  The furbabies had a vet appointment this morning, and we found out that Spike has Lyme Disease.  Poor puppy.  The vet also took a biopsy of the lump on his foot, but she really thinks it’s just a benign bump that shouldn’t cause issues.  Better safe than sorry, though.

Spike is now on 6 weeks of medication.  We’ll retest for Lyme at that point to see if it worked.  If it did, he’ll be vaccinated to prevent further infection.  If it didn’t, I guess we’ll try another medication?  The vet didn’t cover that, or I don’t remember that she did.


Tomorrow I have to have a three hour glucose test because I failed the one hour test by one point.  Fun times, guys.  Fun times.  Hopefully we don’t get enough snow to interfere with this.  I just want to get it over with.

I hope it doesn’t snow at all.  It’s spring.  Snow shouldn’t be in the forecast.


Back on topic, though, because we were out of town this weekend, I pushed two meals from last week to this week.  Here’s my menu plan:

  1. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas
  2. Chicken Enchilada Pasta
  3. Homemade Hamburger Helper
  4. Shepherd’s Pie
  5. Tuna Noodle Casserole
  6. Baked General Tso’s Chicken with Rice
  7. Maple Dijon Chicken with Crock Pot Bacon Cheddar Potatoes

For more menu planning ideas, check out The Vampire Diet.  Also, I post yummy recipes over at Om Nomalicious.


What’s on your menu this week??



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Happy Friday, everyone!!  It’s time for the Weekly Photo Challenge!  This week’s theme is reflections, which happens to be the same as the theme on another photo challenge I used to participate in often, Pixelventures.  I haven’t in a while, though, but I should start back up.

I’ll combine the entries this week because why not?

So, The Daily Post and We Drink Because We’re Poets get to share this post.  Go check them both out because they’re both pretty awesome.  Maybe even jump in and participate with your own photos!

Here’s my reflection submission:



It was a dark and dreary day on Batsto Lake.  At least it wasn’t windy, right?  I always love when water is still like this.  It reminds me of glass.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Hope you have some exciting plans!

I typed that as ‘exciting plants’ at first.  Those could be awesome, unless said plant is named Audrey 2.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Purple

Happy Wednesday!  I had my 1-hour Glucose test at my Centering appointment last night.  Baby G is STILL hyped up on all that sugar!  If the exhaustion from him keeping me up wasn’t enough, Spike drank my coffee this morning.  I grabbed another cup, but now I have a hyper baby kicking my rib cage and a hyper dog running around.  Today shall be awesome!

I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s almost the weekend.  I’ll have a chance to sleep in later than 6:30am soon.  I need it!  Ha.  I’m sure most of you lovely people do, too!

Don’t worry.  I’m able to find the humor in my situation today.  I’m trying not to complain so much.  So, just think of this as me sharing a slightly funny story.  That works, right?

Anyway… photo challenge day is upon us.

cees fun foto challengeThis week, Cee wants photos featuring the color purple!  Here are my submissions:


I’m not sure what kind of flower this is, but it’s pretty.


….and a field of purple tulips.


These dudes were dressed as purple zombies at the Mummer’s Parade.

So, yeah.  I don’t have a closing statement that fits the context of this post.  I am wearing a purple shirt right now.  That fits, right?  Comment about the color purple (or, ya know, whatever you want…)…



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